WOW! Discover this Panamanian coffee that until now was Not available in the United States - a true Artisan Coffee - and Experience the Best Coffee Available Today!

We experienced just that. Now, we’re not coffee snobs, water snobs probably, but coffee, no.  However, we do enjoy a nice cup a few times a week.  In the States, we preferred Central American grown boutique natural coffees and we would usually buy them at our local Farmer’s Market. We preferred the milder tasting coffees that had various subtle flavors.  However, one thing we did notice in the States was that we never came across Panamanian coffee.

This seemed odd because while in the Volcan Baru area, we started seeing a lot of coffee plants.  They are growing everywhere on the slopes of the volcano.  This piqued our interest.  With so much coffee growing everywhere, why hadn’t we seen it back home?

We decided to step into a small café and ordered some local coffee.  When we tasted it, we were truly amazed.  We thought the Central American coffee we drank back home was good, but this coffee was on a different level.  We both looked at each other with wide-open eyes and said “Wow, this is good!”  With our eye-opening experience, we started asking some questions about the coffee.

One of the first things we learned was that the best coffee in the World was grown here.  And, in fact, In 2019 a kilogram (about 2.2 pounds) of this special local coffee sold to Dubai for $10,000.00.  What . . . that’s over $4,500.00 per pound!  This sounded crazy to us.  Maybe we were not translating the information correctly?  Thirty, forty, maybe fifty dollars per pound, but $4,500.00, it just couldn’t be right.

This new discovery set us on a mission.  We needed to learn more about this phenomenal coffee and why we had never found it in the States.  We learned that there were many smaller coffee farms and many were associated with the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCA).

We contacted the SCA and went to visit them in Boquete and learned about the amazing local coffee.  We met with their past President, Mr. Plinio.  During our meeting, we had a complete download about coffee, how it is grown, what makes a great cup, how it is processed, and why the coffee in the volcano area is so special.  One of the very unique parts of our visit was that we were invited to participate in a coffee “Cupping.”

A Cupping is a specific procedure to grade and evaluate a specific coffee strain and grow.  Now, these Cuppers, as they are called, take the procedure very seriously and they are highly trained.  It takes years to develop the ability to differentiate subtle tastes and smells in coffee.  Think of a Sommelier in wine tasting.  These guys have skills.

What they do is a very specific formatted procedure with various steps.  They grade each coffee variety and harvest on each of the steps.  The process starts out with aroma and graduates to taste.  The results and analysis of each step are written down on a chart and then each harvest gets an overall grade.  The end grade determines the coffee’s value when sold on the wholesale market.

Well, remember I mentioned the $4,500.00 per pound of coffee earlier, it is a strain or variety known as “Giesha.”  You’ve probably never heard of it, and that is because it is not sold in the US.  All, and I mean every bit of it, that is grown here is either sold to the rich oil monarchs in the Middle East or to Asia.  

In Japan, a cup of this coffee sells for over $100.00 per cup and an entire ceremony is wrapped around drinking it.  We Americans are too cheap to appreciate its value, so none, I mean none, is exported to the US.  So, no matter how hard you look for it, you will not find it anywhere in the US.

Here is where it gets more interesting.  The second-best local coffee is called Pacamara.  Now, Pacamara is not ranked as high as Giesha, but it is very close.  The Pacamara strain is what we drank in the café.  Sure, it is a bit more expensive than more regular boutique coffees grown in other countries, but in our opinion, it is vastly superior.  If you like coffee, paying a little more for such a superior coffee is well worth it.  Now, I’m not talking a lot more, I’m talking a little more.

After we digested all we learned, we decided that we needed to get this amazing coffee back to the States.  We started calling the better-known growers in the area and ran into our first major roadblock. 

All that they had grown, their entire harvest, was already spoken for.  As much as they could produce was being sent to Northern Europe at a premium.  I guess they appreciate good coffee in the colder European North than we do in the States.

Not to be discouraged, we diligently went after the smaller growers.  Many were selling as much as they could produce as well, but after a while we got lucky.  Or, should I say, we created our own luck.  You see, when you continue to put a strong intention into a project and keep asking around, the solution usually presents itself.  In our case, we found our grower.

The next step was to start tasting the coffee.  As it turned out, this particular grower is very creative.  She has a small coffee shop and makes various artisan blends.  Blends with a hint of honey, a hint of butter, a hint of vanilla, a hint of hazelnut, etc. . .  

When we tasted these various artisan blends, it was another “aha” moment for us. Flat out, amazing!

We found our special coffee and we wanted to present it to our friends and family back home. They loved it!  With this, the Real Rainforest Coffee brand was created.

Just imagine, drinking a cup of coffee that is not offered in the US, because all of it that is grown is sent to other countries who are willing to pay a premium.  None of the bigger US importers will touch it, because there just is not enough volume available to make it worth their time.  We are talking true artisan- private collection coffee here.

As you sip this amazing coffee, your mouth experiences subtle tastes that you are not accustomed to.  Even the smell is unique and special.  It sort of warms your soul so-to-speak.  Each cup has the love, skill, and care of a small grower infused into it.  This is their coffee, and they are proud of their work and dedication that went into it.  You will not get this same commitment to excellence in any larger commercial brand.

Added to the farmer’s care factor, is the fact that the Volcan Baru soil, sunlight exposure, humidity, and temperature have created a perfect set of conditions to produce the best coffee in the World.  This has been established over and over again by numerous tasting competitions and the record-breaking prices received on the open market.

As you take your next sip, a smile comes over your face as you realize you are drinking something truly special.  It is an experience you cherish and you can’t wait until the next morning to experience it again.  That is this coffee.

However, there is one catch.  Because we only use very small growers, we do not have an unlimited supply.  As a result of this limitation, we will sell out the various blends rather quickly.  Realizing this, if you want to try this amazing coffee, be prepared to occasionally have to wait for it.  We may be on backorder, or you may miss out on a specific blend completely.  However, if it is available when you are shopping, do not hesitate to get it now.  We want you to experience what we did, the jaw-dropping “Wow” moment.

Real Rainforest Coffee - Honey Essence

As one last bit of information.  While traveling the Volcan Baru area, we have been truly blessed and amazed by the overwhelmingly beautiful environment.  The tropical rainforest is breathtaking, to say the least. 

Seeing it and absorbing the positive energy emitted from it, we decided that we must also make a commitment to help maintain and preserve it.  Therefore, a percentage of proceeds from every pound of Real Rainforest Coffee that is sold will be used to help maintain and preserve this most vital resource and gift to our Planet, the local Panamanian rainforest.

It is our hope that you will have a beautiful experience drinking this amazing coffee, as we have.  We appreciate any comments and would love for you to share your personal experience with us.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you.

Customer Testimonials

Anna H
Anna H- Honey Essence
Read More
OK so I have a tendency to use too much coffee when making it in my Mr Coffee.. because I like a strong coffee. So today I thought I think I might try something different and use less and wow what a difference!!! The honey essence taste so good when it's not made too strong lol it took all the bitterness out and it's now got this very smooth, gentle almost tea like flavour and I love it! I use a 4 cup water line and 4 teaspoons, instead of 4 tablespoons. Changes everything!☕
Amanda- Honey Essence
Read More
This is the smoothest coffee i have tasted! I look forward to having a cup every morning!!
Robyn- Honey Essence
Read More
WOW…This is my new favorite coffee. The taste is amazing!!! I Will definitely be ordering more for that special cup every morning 🙂 Thank you Rain Forest Coffee.

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