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WOW! Discover this Panamanian coffee that Until Now was Not available in the United States – a true Artisan Coffee - and Experience the Best Coffee Available Today!

WOW! Discover this Panamanian coffee that Until Now was Not available in the United States – a true Artisan Coffee - and Experience the Best Coffee Available Today!

It’s all about the coffee!

Why ours is so special

It all starts with the environment – the rich volcanic soil, narrow range of higher elevation, preferred rainfall, ideal sunlight conditions and a premium coffee plant variety. Our coffee is grown in these phenomenal conditions located in the Tierres Altas region at the base of the Volcan Baru in Panama.

In fact, the best coffee you have probably never heard of is grown here. You haven’t heard about it because it is not been available in the US. The variety is known as “Geisha” and in 2019 it set a World record at $10,000.00 per kilo which is over $4,500.00 per pound! (See “Panama’s Ninety Plus® Coffee Sets New Price Record at USD$10,000 a Kilo” article in Blog section).

Now, we aren’t selling Geisha, but we are offering the very close second variety called Pacamara. When Geisha takes first place at multiple International tasting competitions, it is Pacamara that comes in second. Both are grown in the ideal conditions of the Volcan Baru. With Pacamara, you will have access to one of the best coffees in the World at a reasonable price.

Real Rainforest Pacamara Coffee is grown by small boutique farms or “Fincas.” No large commercial growers are allowed. Each artisanal grower puts their personal love, care and pride into each harvest with the intention to produce a perfect cup of coffee. As a result of this care, you are getting one of the most natural and pure coffees possible.

Just give our coffee a try, and you will experience a phenomenal cup that you will look forward to again and again.

100% Panamanian Grown Pacamara Coffee

Discover why our volcanic grown Pacamara coffee is the preferred coffee among coffee lovers

Delicious Essence flavors for the discerning palate

Want to Learn How we Discovered this Amazing Coffee Variety?

Imagine traveling in the Tierras Altas (Highlands) region of Panama, near the famed Volcan Baru.  Your surroundings are exotic to say the least – lush, vibrant; the smells of a tropical rainforest fill the air.  You then come across an amazing discovery.  It’s not some lost ruin or amazing waterfall, although there are many of those.  No, it was, of all things, an amazing coffee.

Our coffee drinkers speak for us

The Coffee You Drink Does Make a Difference!

With every sip of our 100% Panamanian grown coffee, a percentage of proceeds will go to help maintain and preserve the Panamanian rainforest.

While traveling the Volcan Baru area, we have been truly blessed and amazed to by the overwhelmingly beautiful environment. The tropical rainforest is breath taking to say the least. Seeing it and absorbing the positive energy emitted from it, we decided that we must also make a commitment to help maintain and preserve it. Therefore, a percentage of proceeds from every pound of Real Rainforest Coffee that is sold will be used to help maintain and preserve this most vital resource and gift to our Planet, the local Panamanian rainforest.

better beans, better coffee, better planet!


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